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Must App is the fastest and the most user-friendly app to track films and TV shows.

Pure thrill.

Keep track of the movies you watched, write reviews, rate films and share emotions with your friends.


Must App will always keep you in the loop about films that will be released soon, or the ones that are already available in movie theatres. You’ll never miss any releases from iTunes, either. We’ll keep you posted on the most important stuff.


Let’s be honest — life is too short to watch bad movies. We try to make up collections of films that are truly worthy of your attention.

Actors and directors.

Must App helps you stay tuned to your favorite artist’s new films and demonstrates how many of their works you’ve watched.

Transfer your ratings

We’ve added the option of transferring your movie ratings into Must App from other platforms. We’ll save all the ratings and the order in which they were added.

Step 1

Choose a platform where you’ll be transferring your rates from, and download the file with the your movie database.

Step 2

Log in or register in Must App in a way most convenient for you. On the main page of the profile press ‘Import Movie Library to Must’.

Step 3

Upload your file with the rates, simply dragging it over or clicking the button of the Watched or Want list. Done!

Download the app from App Store and log in to your profile.

Watchlist (Want)

Log in to your profile, click ‘See more’ under ‘Your Watchlist’ button, and then click ‘Export this list’.

Ratings (Watched)

Log in to your profile, go to ‘Your Ratings’, click on ‘Export this list’.

Will watch

Download the List


Go to your profile, click the ‘экспорт в MS Excel’ button next to your profile picture, then download the file.


Go to the platform’s main page, choose ‘Выгрузить оценки’, insert your login and password, and download the file with the ratings.