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Must App helps you make a list of movies and TV shows to watch as well as fill up your watched collection. It notifies about recent trailers and recommends interesting selections. Invite your friends so they could share their reviews and ratings with you.

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Key features

  • Make up a list of movies for future. While exploring the movies you can divide them in two selections: Want & Watched. Adding a film into Watched section you can write a shot review, rate it and share your comment via social networks.
  • Must App movie database covers all movies and TV shows in the world (you can add TV shows season by season, step by step).
  • Start screen welcomes you with the most recent and hot trailer. Deciding what to feature we base on our own idea of beauty.
  • Explore section conveys numerous amount of interesting auto-widgets. For instance, what is in your theatres now, upcoming releases, iTunes top chart equipped with a direct link.
  • We can’t skip Friends block. Here is an instrumental feed of all your friend’s activities: wants to watch, has already seen, how rated it or what commented. Just in case, the friends are picked up from Facebook and your phone contacts.
  • And the last but not the least, you have a public link to your profile You can share the link to the profile or exact film, so the addresser will see a mobile version of Must App.


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